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  Through transfer of technology to manufacturer of our shareholding or contract manufacturing, we can flexibly respond to diverse production needs with a wide range of operating condition and quality system. We have already signed long-term contact-manufacturing with many famous pharmaceutical companies, and their products have repeatedly passed GSP and FDA certification, are widely recognized and praised by the industry.


Plant Facilities

Both multi-functional workshops and dedicated workshops, and separated
Reactor Sizes: 500L~5000LTotal Volume: 1000 m3
Reaction Temperature:-30~ 250°C
Working Pressure:-0.1MPa ~ 10MPa(2000Lhigh pressure equipment)
Reactor Type: GL, SS (304 and 316L)
Rectification Unit(Max. Separation Effect:35~40 Rectifying Plate)
Efficient and low energy cost waste water treatment facilities and state-of art treating process in place. Daily capacity is 1000MT, COD<500.