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We focus on quality, and to standardize the management, technology and strict quality control and verification system to ensure the safety of production processes, high efficiency, high stability, each batch of products can achieve reliable and stable quality.
Quality assurance
GMP Guidelines: ICH Q7
Quality Management System: ISO9001-2008
Quality management process: fully guarantee the quality of our products and the interests of customers, we strictly follow the SOP management process operations, QA and QC product with the supervision, management and release. Ensuring that the quality of the pursuit of implant research and development, production, warehousing, logistics and sales each session.

In the quality control system, we detect the following steps to ensure the quality of each batch of product:
Analytical method development and validation
Analysis of equipment qualification system
Sampling and testing finished products, raw materials, intermediates
Product analysis test certificate (COA)
Analytical method development and validation? Drafting quality control standards and testing procedures
Stability of test material
Batch record management, product release